Feel So Different

I was pondering over the meaning of life
A gust of wind came in from the window
I shut the window annoyed at the dust it brought in

I was feeling all sad and depressed
I heard the sparrows jingling around at my window
I shut the curtains to shut out the disturbing cacophony

I was thinking of friends and the good times spent-Where were they?
I see my phone light up announcing a message received from a cousin(who always sends forwards)
I didn't read it- I knew that that's not what I wanted right now.

I realised I had never felt so lost all my life
I heard my mom calling out to have evening snacks
I got irritated at her and wished for her to let me just be

I felt like crying- I didn't know why I was so sad
When I heard the rumble of thunder in the distance
I sulked all the more- I didn't like the mushy weather!

I looked up and saw myself in the mirror
That is not me!
I didn't like seeing myself this way-complaining and desisting...

And I saw a river, flowing unrestricted- I cried.

I heard the thunder again
I felt that the sky was crying with me
Listening to me!

I swished aside the curtains
I saw the sparrows flying for cover
Still singing their song cheering me up!

I opened the window
I felt the Wind saying hello
Making me feel alive!

I saw my phone blinking again
Reminding me of the unread message
That only said- Life is Beautiful, You are not alone :)

I heard my mom call out for snacks again!
I got out of the room and smelled the familiar smell of Pizza!
I bawled like a child at seeing how much I was loved!

I wiped my tears smiling a smile of an awakening!

I see now that every moment is a gift
I've got to learn to unwrap it
and not assume or expect it to be what my growing mind thinks it should be

I see now that I always got what I needed
But I failed to see it as I was blinded by what I thought I knew I wanted

I see now how conceited my ego is, in assuming I know what I need; how limited my imagination is
Which is nothing compared to the beauty the Universe has in hold for me, for all of us!

I see now that every moment that I exist,
is a new moment- an answer to a question- mine or another's
That every moment is helping me get closer to All
And assuring me that I am a beautiful part of a beautiful Universe!

I may not know what is right or wrong,
But I do know that even I wish to do my bit-
Saying hello with smiling eyes like the Wind!
Cheering about singing the joy of Life with the birds!
Help the rivers flow unabated when Thunder appears!
Seeing the people around me for who they are-deep down out of all the appearances!
Listening to what comes my way and thanking God for each precious moment!

I know not whether I can do Big things
But I do know that in doing Little things each moment,
I will be doing my bit responsibly, no matter where I am or will be
And I'll consider myself lucky to be called a proud member of the Universe along the likes of
the Birds, the Animals, the Wind, the Clouds, the Greens, the Hills, the Sun, the Moon, the Stars!

O Mother Nature! now I see your wrath as your attempt:
To show us where we have erred
To show us we have all we need
That we have each other and that is enough
That you care for us
For in your world, there is no need for greed
Now it's time I listened to you
Cared for you
And Already,